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Some health experts claim that impurities stored in your fat cells may contribute to obesity, loss of energy, and numerous chronic degenerative conditions. Find out how cleansing your body with nutrients can help boost your immune system, improve your health, and help you lose unhealthy pounds quickly and safely WITHOUT rebound.

Additional benefits of Nutritional Cleansing may be-
FAST, safe weight loss
Cleanse your body of impurities 
Replenish the body with high quality nutrients 
Promote beautiful skin, hair and nails  
Increase energy and vitality

Traditional Dieting & the "Rebound" Effect


Cleansing & Healthy Weight Loss


NOTE: Please do NOT confuse "Nutritional Cleansing" with the process for "colon cleansing". The concepts are very different. Although some "colon cleansing" does occur during the "Nutritional Cleanse", the PURPOSE and RESULTS of the two methods are dramatically different.

he world leader in Nutritional Cleansing, ISAGENIX, has prepared informational videos to help prepare you for your new, cleansing lifestyle.

John Gray, Phd. (Author of the "Mars/Venus" series) offers an enlightening endorsement of ISAGENIX Cleansing.

FAQ's- For direct answers to many common questions, please click here.

Please contact our office to attend a FREE introductory workshop (See our calendar for details)- call  352.430.3399 and be on the way to a HEALTHIER and THINNER you!

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