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Nutritional Cleanse Results
Weight-         177.5
Weight-         166.5

Bioimpedance Analysis (6.2.09)

Bioimpedance Analysis (6.19.09)

Body Mass Index (BMI) 24.0
Body Mass Index (BMI) 22.8
Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) 2059
Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) 1891
Body Fat % 17.8
Body Fat %        20.5
Hydration (TBW/LBM) 72.3
Hydration (TBW/LBM) 72.1
Phase Angle 7.0
Phase Angle 7.2

Blood Tests (11.7.08)

Blood Tests (6.18.09)

Total Cholesterol 257
Total Cholesterol 206
LDL 174
LDL 130
HDL 65
HDL 63
Triglycerides 89
Triglycerides 65

Space does NOT allow for another photo. BUT, after completing a second "9 Day Cleanse", Dr. Pete lost 4 more pounds, Total Cholesterol was 178(an overall reduction of 79 points), LDL was 98, HDL was 72, and Triglycerides 49. These improvements occurred in less than one month WITHOUT  drugs!

The above results are NOT typical results from the "ISAGENIX 9 Day" nutritional cleanse program. Furthermore, we recommend that patients undergoing this program do so under the supervision of their physician. The ISAGENIX programs are NOT intended for the treatment of any medical condition, and are NOT approved by the FDA for any medical purpose. The ISAGENIX programs are solely intended for general cleansing purposes. Any specific results are merely incidental



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