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The following links are valuable resources for your health. Please visit these sites for additional information to improve your vitality!

WALK-FIT Orthotics (video coming soon)

If you remember the old song, "The foot bone is connected to the ankle bone, the ankle bone is connected to the shin bone, etc..."  it may make sense that the arch of the foot is the foundation of the skeletal structure.

If you are a candidate for orthotic shoe inserts, you have a number of options. 1) Having individually fitted/molded orthotics from a medical specialist is likely to be the most expensive. 2) Having specially fitted orthotics from your chiropractor or physical therapist is usually less costly, but still a bit pricey. 3) Having your foot evaluated by an automated kiosk at your local pharmacy will save you more money. However...

We have found that, purchasing "off-the-rack" orthotics, ordered by shoe size is a great option for approximately 95% of those in need. That is why we endorse "Walk-Fit" orthotics.

Not coincidentally, that is why my professional, podiatric-fitted orthotics and my in-office fitted orthotics are "on-display" in our facility. I have been wearing "Walk-Fit" orthotics for over 10 years (and leaving my custom-fitted inserts for my patients to see)!              

                                                                       "Dr. Pete"

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TRAIN SMART (video coming soon)

"The World's Fastest Workout" by Pete Sisco

This e-book provides the most efficient method for building muscle mass and strength we have ever seen. If you want to build your strength and vitality, and want to save an enormous amount of time compared to the "traditional" gym routine - this e-book is a MUST! You'll learn how intense, limited range of motion exercise is MUCH more efficient in building muscle mass as compared to the traditional old-fashioned gym techniques we grew up using.

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ONE MINUTE CURE (video coming soon)

This wonderful book will explain the many benefits of adding food-grade hydrogen peroxide to your regular health regimen. From helping to raise your pH to increasing oxygen saturation to your cells, the health benefits of this cutting-edge approach are amazing. The benefits might be helpful for vitually ANY health condition.

STAND TALL - LIVE LONGER (video coming soon)

This basic, effective program explains the importance of Strong Posture and how it relates to healthy living and longevity. (Poor posture has a very strong correlation to balance problems, falling, injuries and related deaths). More importantly, this book teaches you HOW to get and maintain a more healthful posture. It is a must for ANYONE who knows ANYONE that has issues with posture, balance or a fear of falling.

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www.ACACHIRO.org   American Chiropractic Association
www.CARECREDIT.com  Extended financing plans
www.FCACHIRO.org   Florida Chiropractic Association
www.FCER.org   Foundation for Chiropractic Education and Research
www.ICPA4KIDS.com  Chiropractic pediatric research
www.MERIDIATECH.com  Acu-Graph analysis system
www.MIDOT.us   Posture/Balance System
www.NYCC.edu   New York Chiropractic College
www.OKABASHI.com  Comfortable casual shoes with arch supports
www.POWERPLATE.us  Power Plate "whole body vibration"
www.PULSTARFRAS.com  Computerized adjusting instrument science
www.WALKFIT.com   Walk-fit orthotics by Phase4


Other helpful nutritional websites are:
www.IFNH.org International Foundation of Natural Health
www.MEDIHERB.com Quality herbs
www.METAGENICS.com Scientifically designed nutritional products
www.NANCYAPPLETON.com Diet and Sugar
www.NERVEEXPRESS.com Heart Rate Variability Monitor information
www.PRICE-POTTENGER.ORG Foundation website
www.STANDARDPROCESS.com Organic, whole food supplements
www.VEGANESSENTIALS.com Vegan Products
www.VEGANSTORE.com Vegan Products
www.WESTONAPRICE.org Information on whole foods

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