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QVC Nutrition

A basic understanding of nutrition is critical to anyone who wants to be healthy and maintain VITALITY in their day to day life. However, it is not easy to figure out what "The Truth" is related to nutrition.

There is so much information (and misinformation) available, that the task of figuring it out is just too complex- even for many health professionals! As a result, most people (and their health care providers) overlook this critically important field.

At Quantum Vitality Centres, we have put together a program to simplify the topic of nutrition for our patients. We want to help people "be in charge" of their choices- and do so, on an informed basis.

Consultation - The first step is to discuss your concerns and health issues. We will also discuss your lifestyle and personal preferences, so that we can design a program that works for you!

Computerized Symptom Survey - Next, we will ask you to complete  a computerized  symptom survey. (Based on our consultation, we will determine which one is best for you. (We have chosen programs from Standard Process and Metagenics. One is based on organic, whole food supplements. The other uses scientifically designed, laboratory developed supplements). The measureable "symptom burden" serves as a baseline.

Objective Measurements - In addition to your numerical symptom evaluation, we will use measurements obtained from in-office "Bio-Impedance Analysis". (Body Fat %, "Phase Angle" and much more). Then, using bio-feedback and muscle testing based on Nutrition Response Testing techniques, we'll determine which supplements are right for you. Proper dosing is also determined with NRT principles. 

Progress Evaluations - We will monitor all of the above factors throughout your nutritional program. That way, you know that you are not just feeling better, but that you are actually getting better!

We will continue to work together as long as you are making measureable progress, and until you reach the level of health that YOU choose.

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