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Intersegmental Traction

Intersegmental Traction provides gentle mobilization and flexion-traction of individual spinal segments. It's designed to provide relief from muscle pain spasm, and many other spinal disk problems. This process (known as intersegmental traction) focuses on the small intrinsic muscles (between the vertebras) - which often cause fixations of the spinal joints

With this treatment the patient lies on a comfortable table while a series of padded rollers gently provide a rhythmic stretching motion of each spinal segment. This treatment assists in restoring mobility, and also in the process known as disk imbibation. Spinal disk imbibation helps to "hydrate" the spinal disk and also restore normal motion where spinal disk fixation has been present.

Many normal processes in the body are inhibited by spinal fixations. Therefore, re-establishing motion to the fixated segments helps restore normal function to the spine. By affecting the small intrinsic muscles, intersegmental traction is often helpful in re-establishing normal curves of the spinal column. Especially, the curves which have been adversely affected by injury, or long-standing biomechanical problems.

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